Mina StakingPower Wallet audited by Least Authority

Along with Clorio and Auro wallets, StakingPower wallet becomes the third dedicated Mina wallet to be audited by the team at Least Authority. The Wallet goes through an exhaustive audit and from this the StakingPower team are notified of any potential issues that need addressing and given time to update. The updates felt to be of priority have now been completed and the report has now been published in full.

You can read more about the audit of Auro here >
You can read more about the audit of Clorio Wallet here >

Please note: We do not favour one Mina wallet over any of the others and it is down to personal choice which wallet you mayuse.

You can read the full audit by Least Authority here >
You can also download a copy of the Audit here >

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