World Mina Day: 02.02.22

It’s quite possible that you already know that Mina Protocol is the world’s lightest Blockchain, at under 22kb it’s about the size of a tweet (actually it’s a bit smaller now, but anyway). So we were thinking about ways we could spread the word about its fantastic qualities and game changing potential and one of our twitter followers (@yinemiberk) came up with the fantastic idea of creating ‘World Mina Day’, the date? 02•02•2022

What we’re going to do.
Ok, so we haven’t had much time to think of too many things to do yet, but we DO have a couple of REALLY cool things up our sleeve that I know the Mina Community are going to love (watch this space and we’re going to spend the next couple of months thinking of ideas too. It’s going to be an awesome chance for all the Mina Community to come together and we’re hoping that Mina Protocol will come up with some ideas too.

Do you have an idea for #WorldMinaDay? Fill out our form below…


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