Mina Protocol – Snapps Builder Program: $10,000 Grants available

Here is some hot news just before the upcoming Snapp Hackathon in collaboration with ZK-Hack, The Mina Foundation has announced more details in their plans to incentivise participants interested in building Snapps (dApps built on the Mina Protocol).

Following on from the ZK Hack workshop the Mina Foundation are organising an additional 4 day Snapps Bootcamp, this will be the first chance for developers to get essential experience with building and modifying a Snapp. Participants who successfully navigate their way through will then be invited to participate in the brand new Snapps Builder Program, lasting 3 months it will provide hands-on support to developers and vital assistance to launch their very own Snapps on the Mina Protocol. Not only that but participants will initially also receive $10,000 in Mina.


Bootcamp Requirements

1: A basic understanding of typescript/javascript

2: Available several hours per day from Dec 9th – 12th for group sessions and work on modifying a Mina Smart Contract

3: A strong enthusiasm to contribute to the Mina Ecosystem in a positive way and a desire to engage with the Mina Protocol core team in order to help them improve the Snapps SDK.

It’s really exciting to see the Mina Protocol going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to see what they come up with! You can read the original article regarding

A great way to get a foot into Mina’s amazing tech is by joining their Discord server here >

To get the full information visit https://minaprotocol.com


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