Tech: Mina Time Machine – Slot to time/time to slot converter update

The ecosystem around Mina Protocol is full of exceptional individuals and organisations and one of these is Towerstake. In addition to being a popular Mina staking provider, the talented team are responsible for a number of excellent Mina Protocol related tools including…

(Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard
An enhanced version of the Mina Protocol Mina Uptime Leaderboard with additional features.

Block Producer Rewards Calculator
A tool to calculate an expected return from running a validator node on Mina Protocol.

Delegator Rewards Calculator
This is a tool to calculate an expected return from delegating your MINA tokens to a validator node. This version of the calculator works with supercharged rewards.

The are also the brains behind Mina Time Machine, and today they announced a new tool: « Slot to Time / Time to Slot converter, added directly on the Mina Time Machine page.

You can either type as an input: – Date/time (UTC) (the format should adjust according to your browser locale). – Slot number since genesis – Epoch + slot number since epoch start.

Below you can see all the info for World Mina Day.

Fill any of the fields and the two others will update automagically!
Try the tool out here >

Special thanks to Vince from Towerstake for the hard work!

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