Coming Soon: Mina Research website (now live)

POST UPDATED 10the DEC 2021. The MinaResearch website is now live.
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The fantastic thing about the teams behind Mina Protocol ( (O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation) is their openness to allow the Mina Community to shape the projects upwards trajectory. Soon this process will be made even more open when a brand new forum / discussion area called Mina Research launches to allow the facilitation of MIP’s (Mina Improvement Proposals).

MIP’s are something you are going to hear a lot more about in the future, essentially they are ideas from Community members (just like you) that can be submitted directly on to the new website. These will be visible to the Community who will be able to ask questions on the validity, benefits, implementation feasibility and to generally discuss the ideas and give feedback. If a proposal is good enough, finds consensus and is voted for (full details on the voting method TBC) then the next step would be for it to be implemented directly into the Protocol.

Long term the Foundation hopes that by fine tuning and developing the method for MIP’s that this would become the primary way of proposing new features, collecting community input on an issue, and for documenting design decisions that have gone into Mina. Ultimately this would lead to greater decentralisation and transparency, something that empowers the Community even further.

Which is great for everyone!!

We are expecting MinaResearch to hard launch in the next few weeks, for the exact date as soon as we know it follow us on Twitter @minacryptocom or subscribe to our free, no spam newsletter >

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