Thursday March 3rd : Mina 101

There is a sense of excitement and a buzz around Mina Protocol at the moment, anyone who follows the discord channel git hub commits can see there is a huge amount of activity happening right now and recently Mina was ranked #1 in the entire blockchain world for the number of commits (see below).

What’a really great to see is the way Mina Foundation are creating an environment where people new to the project (and existing community members) can interact, get involved and help to grow this amazing project.

Top 10 github commits – Mina Protocol

On Thursday 3rd March at 3pm PST/11pm UTC there will be a special new bi-weekly Mina 101 event taking place via Zoom. It will be the place to learn all about Mina and what it can be used for in addition to understanding the Mina timeline and how the project is shaping up, plus it is a great chance to meet existing community members and learn from them. See you there!

Here is the link to register via Zoom.

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