nil-Foundation ETH-Mina bridge live on Ethereum testnet Ropsten

Sometimes it can be hard to see progress on projects that require such innovative solutions as Mina Protocol. Time-lines and road maps created with the best intentions rarely come to fruition prematurely, but from looking at the Github commits over the last 6 months one thing is very clear. Mina Protocol is doing something rather special.

One of MINA’s main ecosystem members, nil-Foundation have been working on an Ethereum-Mina bridge by full Mina state in-EVM verification and today they announced that the system has been successfully deployed on the Ethereum testnet Ropsten.

Obviously there is still more work to do until we have a way to verify the Mina Pickles SNARK on Ethereum on mainnet, but work is ongoing and the potential to do this (and also with other blockchains such as Solana could be a game changer in the Crypto world (find out why here).

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