Mina Protocol: ZPrize ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Silver Partnership

Mina Protocol/Foundation is one of the Silver partners for an exciting new Zero-knowledge initiative called ZPrize. The programme plans to give out over $7 million in total to interested parties who can help to achieve one or all of the following things in the current Zero-Knowledge/Cryptographic space.

a: Improve Baseline Performance of Key General Algorithms.
b: Increase Diversity and Availability of Low-Level Libraries for Cryptographic Proofs.
c: Increase Awareness of the Groundbreaking Potential of Zero-Knowledge Cryptography.

Other partners include Polygon, Aloe, Espresso and ZKValidator.

According to the website all winning submissions will become open-source libraries for the benefit of all and the main aim is to “support the next generation of decentralized protocols and applications to enable secure, interoperable, and scalable applications for the next-generation web.”

Visit www.zprize.io for more info

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