Mina Foundation Transparency Report Q1 2022

The Mina Foundation recently published its transparency report for Q1 2022. This report covers many of the key platform metrics eg, number of accounts, number of wallets staking and other useful information such as the Mina Foundation’s financial holdings.

Here are some of the key figures from the report.

March 31, 2022
100,032 unique accounts on the  Mina ledger.

Q1 2022
19,219 accounts delegating stake in the Mina protocol.

4,073 commits to the Mina Github repositories in the last 12 months with 63 unique contributors.

Mina Foundation’s Treasury
March, 23, 2022
45.1m MINA Tokens
37.7m USD and Stablecoins (USDC & USDT)

Mina Foundation’s Grant
98.9m MINA Tokens
38.7m USD and Stablecoins (USDC & USDT)

62,364 MINA issued as grants to third parties including grants from the Foundation’s Quarterly Grants Program, Technical Community Ambassador Program and zkApps Builders Program.

Click here to see the blog post on the Mina Protocol official website.

You can also read the 2011 end of year Transparency report for Mina Foundation here

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