Video: MINAcademy S1: Episode #1 MINA Protocol — A Beginners guide to Ouroboros Samasika

We’re always looking for different ways to educate and inform the Mina Protocol Community about the inner workings of the project. We think that the more transparency and understanding there is of the concepts involved, the more the community will understand the potential and support what is genuinely one of the most innovative Blockchains ever.

In association with Haresh G we plan to create a series of instructional videos based primarily on his Mina Protocol Medium articles. It is also a great way to answer many of the questions people have regarding Mina Protocol in a way that is simple and clear.

Our first video is A Beginners guide to Ouroboros Samasika, you can watch it below or visit the MINAcademy youtube channel here >

Look out for our next video (part 2) in the next few days. Make sure you leave a comment, question, like and subscribe to keep up to date with all the new videos as soon as they land. We hope to build up a concise and thorough

Many thanks to all the Community members who offered to create subtitles for these

Thanks so much to…. @zgotenz (Spanish) @talhaB62 (Turke) @Juji97456882 (Русский) @JaneEverstake (український) @HaruCoinlove (日本) @JaneEverstake@Captain_Dream (Français) @XuehaoQ (Chinese)

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