Mina Ecosystem Roadmap updated

The Mina Foundation has just published a new updated roadmap for Mina Protocol While some things are being pushed back slightly, the potential for non consensus nodes, zkApps and ZK Oracles to all be here by the end of the year is something to be really excited about!

Here are the main takeaways from the article.

• Previously entitled ‘Product priorities’ the updates have now been renamed to ‘Mina Ecosystem Roadmap’
• Easy zkApps Programmability on Mainnet now scheduled for Q3 22
• ETH bridge renamed to zkBridge and set to include compatible bridge to other blockchains
• New developers program Summer 2022 (click here for more info) Q3 22
• non consensus nodes (light client nodes) eg, web nodes Q3 22
• ZK Oracles (Formerly WebzkApps). This is to ship the Minimally Viable Product (MVP) to connect real world data to blockchain in the most trustless way possible, using HTTPS Q4 22

You can read the article in full here >

You can read the article in full here >

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