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This is an article prepared for by Hadzija from ZKU (Zero-Knowledge University). We do not specifically endorse any particular projects, but we will always support any initiatives that will bring benefits to the Mina Protocol ecosystem.

At Zero-Knowledge University, we aim to help developers learn how to build market-ready ZK products. The July-August 2022 cohort of Zero-Knowledge University (ZKU) is now open for application!  Enrolments are first-come-first-served and the application deadline is June 27, 2022, 23:59 UTC.

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What is zku?

Zero-Knowledge University is a learn-to-earn initiative supported by Harmony.ONE. It is a study group that aims to educate web3 developers to use zkp in real world applications.

Every 2 months zku organizes an intensive course. Course consists of 8 assignments and the final project. Each week students get nicely curated materials that help them to do the assignment. In order to graduate from the course students need to implement a zk-related final project. Teaching assistants are there to help with issues and discuss project ideas with the students.
Note that zku is a study group and strongly encourages discussion and collaboration between students.

Besides the great knowledge you can earn, there are prizes for each assignment (currently at about 200$ per assignment), plus additional prizes for outstanding work and for helping other students to learn. After graduation, zkDAO pays you all the prizes, and you will also be eligible to compete for a launch grant that is worth up to $100,000..

Course syllabus

Zku syllabus covers a wide variety of materials and protocols within zk-space. Each week the focus is on a different topic. At the beginning students are introduced to primitives about Zero-Knowledge proofs, that they will use throughout the rest of the course.
In the first half of the course students learn about different aspects of zk, such as privacy, scalability and fairness. The second part is oriented to interoperability and cross-chain communication. Zero-Knowledge proofs could be utilized to enhance light-client design, implement layer 2 solutions for scalability and many more things.

Check the course syllabus here:

Meet zkDAO team

The course is supported by a diverse and highly experienced teaching staff, spread over borders while being connected through Harmony. The staff includes software developers, entrepreneurs, instructors, teachers, and other students who wish to impart their learnings to the ZKU participants.

Meet the teaching stuff:

What can you expect of zku?

You can definitely learn a lot, meet new like-minded people, earn some prizes or even become a member of zkDAO. Here are some feedbacks from the course graduates:

“The materials were very helpful for learning ZK.  enjoy how the course is structured, where it encourages students to learn on their own terms” 


“Completing the assignments and final project will require doing big batches of work. So organization is key for any student hoping to make it through to the end of the course.” 


“I knew nothing about ZK at the beginning of the course. But after ZK university, I now believe I can now go further with it.”


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