Mina Community Grants announced Q1 22

It’s a great feeling to know that your hard work has been appreciated and this week the Mina Foundation announce the Community grants for Q1 22. The grants reward members of the Mina Protocol community that have made big positive contributions to the ecosystem in all kinds of different ways. From technical tools, to community projects each awardee has gone the extra mile to support Mina Protocol. Incidentally this website was lucky enough to be one of the awardees and if you were one of the kind people to nominate us, THANK YOU!

There is a great feeling of support among the Mina Community for all our projects, including zkappsformina.com, minablog.zkok.io, the community Twitter account @minacryptocom and all the other things we are doing and have got in the pipeline (watch this space).

You can see a full list of all the nominees here, they include Mina Club, Staketab, StakewithJenny, Alina from Everstake, PHDSoon, Olton, Piconbello, Trivo, Carbonara, NiuNiu, Talha, Towerstake, MinaExplorer and many more….

If you wish to nominate this website for a Q2 22 Grant feel free to do so (before 7th July), just click HERE to go to the form. My discord ID is flushthefashion#5369

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