Mina Foundation donates $16,000 to save Ukraine Art

The tragic situation in Ukraine is one that we hope will come to a peaceful end as soon as possible. This view is shared Mina Community members in both Ukraine and Russia and one of the major validators to the Mina ecosystem Everstake together with FTX have helped to set up a crypto donation website in order to give aid to the Ukrainian people.

Additionally it was announced yesterday that the Mina Foundation have also donated $16,000 to a fund that is being used to save Ukrainian Art & Culture sites. You can read more about the project HERE and below (see the tweet). You can donate in many different currencies including Bitcoin, ETH, USDT & MINA.

The collected funds will be used for protection, evacuation, digitization and preservation of cultural property, support the activities of cultural and art institutions, creative industries, including media, who were injured, damaged, or destroyed as a result of hostilities during the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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