Events: Emre Tekisalp, CEO of O(1) Labs @Cryptİst #ZeroKnowledge community event in Istanbul

Zero knowledge is a big part of the tech behind Mina Protocol and it is also a big part of the innovative work done by O(1) Labs, Mina’s main ecosystem partner, so it’s exciting to see that Emre Tekisalp CEO of O(1) Labs will be attending Cryptİst, the first ever dedicated zero knowledge event in Istanbul.

The event is on Saturday 30th July and the talks are between 10.00 to 19.00, click here to see the schedule. Emre’s event “ZK and Web3 Mass Adoption (and it’s not just about scalability)” is scheduled for 12:30-13:00. Keep a look out for recording of the event, grab our free no-spam newsletter HERE.

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