Video: Privacy Evolution with Aleo & Anoma (feat David Wong)

David Wong, one of the leading cryptography experts (and O(1) Labs employee working on Mina Protocol) was in Paris this week to be part of a brilliant panel of experts discussing a range of topics under the title “Privacy Evolution with Aleo & Anoma”. The event hosted by @gakonst was part of ETHCC and other guests included experts from @ethereum ,@RiscZero, @anomanetwork and @AleoHQ.

You can watch the day of events in full below (or skip forward to 4hours 11 mins to see the panel discussion).

Privacy Evolution with Aleo and Anoma from Alex Miles on Vimeo.

Event Description

Privacy should be a choice to the extent that individuals should have the power to choose what they keep private and what they decide to share. Yet the systems and applications that are an integral part of our daily lives have not only blurred these lines, but exploited it, monetizing subjective human experiences non-consensually. As technology is more interwoven into our innate reality, the notion of privacy and self-sovereignty becomes unequivocally uncertain.

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