Mina Protocol Community Grant Nominations Open for Q3 2022

It’s that time again already. Do you know someone who is making impactful contributions to the Mina Protocol ecosystem? The Mina Foundation is asking the community to nominate individuals and teams that are buildings tools, supporting the ecosystem or raising awareness to the project.

This could be anything from creating a video or sharing content or running a tooling script or hosting an event, it could be a blog post or website etc, etc. Grants are awarded quarterly by the Mina Foundation based on who they believe have made a positive impactful contribution. You can see who was awarded a grant in Q1 2022 here. This website, together with our twitter account (@minacryptocom) and our sister website www.zkappsformina.com have all been nominated for grants in the past.

This website has (up to now) published almost 450 Mina Protocol related articles, while our Twitter account has over 10K followers and helps to support other Mina community accounts. Meanwhile the zkappsformina.com website continues to publish information on all the latest (currently work in progress) zkApps, together with links to all the Github pages. In the coming months we will be looking to expand all of our Mina related projects in order to reach an even bigger audience and receiving a grant helps to support all the hard work, time and effort that goes into producing the content on a daily basis.

All the accounts are 100% impartial and promote all ecosystem members equally. We do not receive any financial assistance from any other parties and

Nominations are open until 30th September 2022 and you can also nominate yourself.
Click here to visit the nominations form >

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