ETHMexico zkApp WIP: Vaultmi

Here’s some info about another zkApp that was built at the recent ETHMexico event called Vaultmi. The App won an award from the Mina Foundation and it allows the user to share files with multiple owners through the Mina protocol. The zkApp is currently a work in progress, but was awarded ‘Best Use’ at ETHMexico.


Vaultmi is a zk-app that combines the decentralized storage of IPFS/Filecoin and Mina Protocol, this allows us to share files or secrets securely to multiple wallets as well as generate a Proof of Existence in the Mina protocol. With a friendly user interface and the integration of the Auro wallet it allows anyone to take advantage of this technology.

You can see the full details of the zkApp over on the official ETHMexico website and also on HERE

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