Listen: David Wong – TinTin Meeting (in Chinese) Wed 7th September

David Wong, expert cryptographer and O(1) Labs employee is a busy bee. This week he joins a panel of 4 founders and cryptography experts (@ChainFeedsxyz Pan Zhixiong, @SECBIT_IO Guo Yu, @zCloakNetwork Xiao Zhang and @MantaNetwork Shumo Chu) on Wed 7th September 2022 at TinTin Meeting to talk about Mina Protocol and discuss the innovations in, and potential uses of, zero knowledge in our lives. Follow the link in the tweet or scan the QR code on the image below.

密码专家兼 O(1) Labs 员工 David Wong 于 2022 年 9 月 7 日星期三加入由 4 位创始人和密码专家(@ChainFeedsxyz Pan Zhixiong、@SECBIT_IO Guo Yu、@zCloakNetwork Xiao Zhang 和 @MantaNetwork Shumo Chu)组成的小组讨论 关于 Mina 协议,并讨论我们生活中零知识的创新和潜在用途。 按照下面推文中的链接或扫描图像上的二维码。

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