Video: Security in ZK Systems featuring David Wong from O(1) Labs

Security in ZK Systems featuring David Wong from O(1) Labs.

Someone who seems to be popping up more and more in talk panels and on podcasts recently is David Wong. David works for O(1) Labs, the incubator behind Mina Protocol and the team that are actively involved with building snarkyJS. He is a well respected expert on cryptography and has published a book, Real World Cryptography. In the video organised by Delendum, David talks about what, where and when you use zk-systems in your protocol.

In addition to David there are also presentations and discussions from a distinguished panel of experts (see below for the schedule).

00:00 – Introduction
01:13 – David Wong: ZK Security – A Whole New Layer to Worry About
19:51 – Eli Ben-Sasson: Securing STARKs – theory and practice
34:40 – Morgan Thomas: Formally Verified Circuit Programming Made Easy
47:15 – Christopher Goes: Defensive ZKP Compiler Pipeline Design
1:09:10 – Yu Feng: Hardening ZK Circuits with Formal Methods
1:29:05 – Panel Discussion

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