(NEW Release 5.5) Mina Blockchain Explorer by Staketab Team

This week Staketab announced additional updates to their Mina Blockchain Explorer (v5.5) including a cool new ‘Address Lock Status’ feature. The new release comes hot on the heels of the last version 5.4 and has some nice additional features (see below).

Time Locks Visualized

The new functionality shows the progress of the token unlocks on accounts, visualizing the current vesting process on the selected account according to the rules in the Mina protocol.

The result can be seen in the image below:

This account has not yet reached the Cliff Time activation stage:

This account is completely unlocked:

How to find this data?

Staking Page fixes

  • Now the staking tab is displayed on more accounts by including additional cases
  • Fixed case display for activation epoch +3
  • Fixed display of some very specific cases of wrong status
  • Now we correctly handle cases of failed transactions
  • Fixed display of some auto-delegations
  • Fixed display of delegation value for some specific cases
  • Fixed some incorrect account redirects
  • Several minor fixes

UI updates

  • Small update on transaction details
  • Parameters display better
  • You can now find links to all the most important documentation like “Mina 101” in our footer


This information was originally published by Staketab on Reddit HERE.

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