ETHBOGOTÁ: 3 New WIP zkApps for Mina Protocol (testnet)

Here are links to the prize winning WIP Mina Protocol zkApps created by hacker teams at the 2022, EthBogatá. The Mina Foundation and O1 Labs are now at DevCon sharing their knowledge of Mina Protocol, zero knowledge, snarkyJS and giving talks about how Mina can preserve privacy in Web3.

ETHBOGOTÁ WIP: zkApp – PrivateMultiSig

This project is a Multi Signature Wallet with private voting solution. Users could be sending private key for verification and make use another wallet as a fee payer to hide the identity of the Multi Sig wallet member.

ETHBOGOTÁ WIP: zkApp – Medellín

To solve the privacy and fairness issues, the team use Mina to build a privacy-preserving and fair raffle solution for all of web3 projects who have the demand to do whitelist raffling.

ETHBOGOTÁ WIP: zkApp – SnarkyBaras

A Zero-knowledge ‘Capybara’ themed Battleships using SnarkyJS & Mina. Built during the EthBogota 2022 hackathon, this modern twist on a classic bridges the gap between zk-proofs and Colombia native species, the capybara.

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