Events: – Lisbon Oct 31 featuring Florian Kluge from O(1) Labs & Old Friends Reunion 1st Nov

While neither Mina Foundation or O(1) Labs have an official presence at ETHLisbon (they will be attending EthSanFransisco + EthIndia) Florian Kluge AKA Trivo from O(1) Labs will be attending a number of events and discussions including on Mon 31st Oct (click here to register for tickets). The discussion will be based around ‘Implementing High Level Languages on Rollups’, this is something Florian is especially focused on with his work on zkFusion.

Florian will also be a participant in another discussion on Nov 1st in Lisbon entitled ‘Could zkEVM Be the Endgame of Scalability?’ and with the zkBridge currently in audit this is another session that is particularly relevant to zero knowledge & Mina Protocol. All the info is below, the event is free, scan the code to register, you can also see the full agenda here.

Old Friends Reunion Lisbon 2022 information
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