Video: Community Call – MIP #001 to remove Supercharged rewards at the Hard Fork

MIP stands for Mina Improvement Proposal. Community members can use the MIP process to propose changes to the protocol or new features for Mina. A MIP should provide a concise technical specification of these changes and a rationale for its inclusion in the protocol.

Here is a recording of the Community call on Monday 12th December 2022 regarding the first ever MIP (Mina Improvement Proposal) #001, proposed by Gareth Davies to remove Supercharged rewards from Mina Protocol at the next hard fork.

As the MIP moves through the process it should reach the voting stage. At this point there will be announcement on how the MIP will be voted for.

Full details of the proposal can be found on Mina Research here… You can also find the proposal on GitHub here…

Separate from MIP#0001, the Mina Foundation will be publishing information on a new On-Chain Voting process. This will enable proposals to be voted in a democratic way on-chain. More details to follow…

You can download the slidedeck HERE

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