Videos: O(1) Labs Twitter Spaces now available on Youtube

Over the last few weeks, Mina Protocol incubators O(1) Labs have been using Twitter Spaces to have discussions around Zero-Knowledge, zkApps and the potential of snarkyJS to be used in real world scenarios. The series entitled ‘Real Life ZK…’ is now available to listen to again on Youtube. Take a look (listen) below to the first 3 episodes.

#1 – Real World ZK With O(1) Labs: Identity

Phil Kelly (@Phil_Kelly_NYC) from O(1)Labs is joined by by dcbuilder.eth (@DCbuild3r) & Daniel Kelleher (@danbkelleher)from Civic to discuss ZKP and Identity use cases.

#2 – Real World ZK With O(1) Labs: Safer CEXes

In light of the recent developments regarding the bankruptcy of FTX, the team from O(1) Labs discuss ‘Safer CEXes’, and the potential for crypto exchanges to use zero-knowledge proofs to ascertain a ‘Proof of Reserves’.

#3 – Real World ZK With O(1) Labs: Privacy and data integrity in the web3 experience.

Phil Kelly @Phil_Kelly_NYC, Jack Servia @jackservia & Lucas Novak @YoSnickerdoodle The discussion looks at the potential of using ZK (Zero-Knowledge) zkApps & snarkyJS to create proofs offline of data that can be used on-chain but still preserving user privacy.

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