Altcoin Daily Interview with Evan Shapiro (March 2021)

In this video from Altcoin Daily, Evan Shapiro, CEO and co-founder O(1) Labs and Board Member at Mina Foundation, joins the brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold to discuss Mina Protocol, the world’s lightest blockchain.

00:00 Evan’s journey into cryptocurrency
03:44 Bitcoin vs Altcoins
06:27 What is Mina Protocol?
08:42 What are ‘Zero-knowledge proofs”?
12:16 Why Coinbase Ventures chose Mina Protocol?
15:27 Success for Mina in 5 years?
16:49 Mina Protocol vs ETH 2.0?
18:38 “Mina can interact privately with ANY website”?
22:15 What top altcoins does Evan like?
23:52 Is Ethereum Your Biggest Competition? 25:02 What type of Dapps will be built on Mina?
26:17 Very important info on Mina!!
23:41 How I would invest $1,000 in Cryptocurrency [Developer’s POV]
30:20 Best Advice for NEW Cryptocurrency Investors in 2021?
33:06 Final Thoughts

For the sake of clarity please note this is a sponsored interview: Altcoin Daily and Mina Foundation entered into an agreement for a sponsored interview on the channel. In exchange for the interview, Altcoin Daily received a payment in USDC.

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