Mina trading on Coinlist – FAQ’s

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This is an official statement from COINLIST regarding some early initial issues with trading, withdrawals and deposits of Mina immediately after the tokens were distributed.

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Token Unlock Update
Hey everyone we have an update to share with you related to the unlock of tokens distributed after the CoinList sale.

Trading, withdrawals, and deposits have now been made available on CoinList to eligible users. The withdrawal requests that have been accumulated over the last day are now gradually being processed.

Due to unprecedented high volumes (even more than was estimated), our token sale partner CoinList and their wallet infrastructure provider, faced difficulties with enabling trading, withdrawals, and deposits. We’re noticing that some of our members were affected by this, and we want to address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Help! I cannot withdraw my tokens from Coinlist.

According to CoinList, the technical difficulties with enabling trading, withdrawals, and deposits on their platform are now resolved. To proactively address these issues, CoinList temporarily paused the withdrawals this morning to investigate and implemented a bug fix to optimise. Their system is now actively processing withdrawals. However, the record number of withdrawal requests that accumulated during the last day will need to be processed gradually. We are aware that some of Mina’s users are affected by this, and CoinList is working to speed up this process as much as possible. The CoinList team advised that after your withdrawal request is received by them, CoinList’s team will take it from there, and that no further action is required from you. We are working with CoinList to monitor the situation closely and will provide more updates as they become available.

Note: The MINA in your CoinList Wallet is automatically opted into staking rewards. For more information on this, please refer to www.coinlist.co/help/information-on-mina-staking.

When will my withdrawal requests/transactions from CoinList be processed?
CoinList is working on improving the situation for Mina’s CoinList users. Due to the high volumes, the best estimate is for the congestion to be resolved in the next few days. It might take longer/shorter depending on the volume of new, additional withdrawal requests.

Once the withdrawal request goes through, users will see this reflected in their CoinList Wallets. In the meantime, unless communicated differently by CoinList, it’s not needed for you to take any additional action.

Where can I find updates about the status of CoinList’s platform?
Please check CoinList’s official channels for the most up to date status: https://status.coinlist.co/

I am having other issues with/questions about CoinList’s platform.
For questions about CoinList’s platform, please contact CoinList’s team: [email protected]

I am using the platforms of other service providers. Does this also affect me?
No, we have not heard of any withdrawal issues from other service providers. Since mainnet launch, Mina’s network has always successfully processed all withdrawals sent to the network and included transactions in the blockchain.

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We acknowledge the difficulties that some users are facing and we will continue to monitor the situation. There are no current issues with the underlying network that is preventing withdrawals by service providers. We’ll share more updates as they become available and publish a more detailed retro once we learn more. A big thanks to everyone who has been helping out. We noticed many members answering questions in the community, assisting new users in setting up wallets and delegating, etc. We appreciate everyone’s part in this and all the interest in Mina!

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