A look back to the Mina Token Unlock

The unlocking of Mina’s tokens wasn’t without incident. Many holders on Coinlist saw their Mina frozen in their account, unable to sell or transfer to their own wallets or other exchanges. Many of the issues were resolved very quickly, but it did leave many people less than happy with the situation.

As an attempt to address these initial problems and to answer some misunderstandings regarding Mina archive nodes and several other points from the Community, the official Mona Protocol website released a statement to clarify what had exactly gone wrong and the steps that were taken to put things right.

It wasn’t all bad news though and the team were celebrating some impressive figures including

100k+ on Twitter
30k+ on Discord
70k+ on Telegram
7k+ on Reddit
19k+ on-chain Mina holders

You can read the statement in full on the Mina Protocol website here >

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