Video: What is Ouroboros Samisika? | Mina Protocol

Here is the latest excellent video from Brandon from the Mina Foundation. This time he is explaining Mina’s version of Cardano Protocol’s Ouroboros (Ouroboros Samisika), a provably secure PoS protocol that combines the best features of each iteration of Ouroboros to deliver a PoS mechanism that can resolve long-range forks without requiring history or risking centralisation.

Blockchains don’t have to be complicated, in fact understanding Mina is as simple as playing a game of darts!

What is Ouroboros Samisika? | Mina Protocol

0:15 – Intro to Ouroboros
0:40 – PoS & the Dartboard
0:58 – What happens when the distribution of stake changes
2:00 – Throwing the Dart in Ouroboros
2:30 – Security of Ouroboros
3:58 – Difference between Cardano’s Ouroboros & Mina’s Ouroboros Samisika.
4:40 – Takeaways

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