ZK Validator – Evaluation of Block Producers on Mina

If you are interested in Mina you will have heard the phrase ‘zk-SNARKs’, but did you know that it stands for (zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARgument of Knowledge)?

This excellent article by Susannah Evans on Medium contains information on the performance of Mina Block Producers in addition to a concise, but detailed overview of the Mina Protocol in general and news on a new tool built by Kobi Gurkan, and independent contributor Chris Lin as part of ZKValidators contribution to the Mina protocol.

Introducing Mina-VRF-rs

The mina-vrf-rs allows delegators to evaluate the performance of block producers by determining whether the block producer produced all the blocks they could win. Block producers can also use this tool to predict the time they will be eligible to produce blocks in the future to improve their own performance.

The tool enhances the usability of new commands introduced in the Mina client (1.2.0+) by automating data formatting and collection for command inputs, more technical details on how to use this tooling can be found in this post written by Gareth Davies.

Susannah is a project manager at zkvalidator.com


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