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Here is the latest in our series of ‘Mina Minute’ articles, featuring people from around Mina’s vibrant ecosystem. Everstake are a Staking Provider, basically speaking they help token holders add value to their crypto assets by Staking them to receive rewards. They do this and take a small commission in the process. The company was founded by Attic Lab, who have also created ‘Harp Bridge’, a bi-directional bridge between Harmony and Polkadot (Edgeware) and several other successful blockchain products. I caught up with Alina from their team to find out more…

Where are you based? 

We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine

What experience do you have in the world of crypto / staking / validating etc? 

Initially, everything started from being an EOS block producer, where at the moment we are in top validators. Furthermore, Everstake is in the TOP of the biggest staking as a service platforms worldwide. We have a huge experience in validating, more than 4 years, in 45+ blockchains(mainnet and testnet) that includes Cosmos, Polkadot, Icon, Solana, Cardano, Near, Mina, Tezos, EOS, Terra, Elrond and much more.

More than 365 000 stakers have already trusted us and we’ve accepted over $5 500 000 000 in digital assets as a stake. Our team is monitoring the network 24/7 that’s why we demonstrate in all our blockchains the average of 99.99% of uptime and this guarantees that our delegators don’t miss the rewards!

What attracted you to the Mina Protocol project? 

Mina has a revolutionary concept, there are no other succinct blockchains in the crypto world, it’s unique. Mina protocol defines a novel blockchain storage and verification mechanism, which limits and maintains the total blockchain size consistently.

Mina protocol will always stay the same size – a measly 22 KB, regardless of time and activity parameters, which ensures high throughput since it’s easier to corroborate the records and which means that the Mina Protocol is millions of times smaller compared to the Bitcoin blockchain and many others, which currently is 350GB and constantly grows with each new BTC transaction made.

New technology by MINA, named zk-SNARKs, has made it possible to authenticate data by verifying small cryptographic proofs, instead of revealing the data itself.

In other words, the user doesn’t have to be involved with any unnecessary data – everything that is actually needed to run a node and process transactions is compressed to the form of zk-SNARK-compressed proofs. Because of that, anyone can run a Mina Protocol node, which makes it much more decentralized, democratic and inclusive compared to other blockchain projects.

Thus, we wanted to be a part of the history, being one of the first block producers in such a breakthrough. And contribute to the development of such a revolutionary thing!

How does someone stake their MINA to you and what happens when they do? 

Delegator can choose us in the list of Block Producers or insert our BP address (B62qpYmDbDJAyADVkJzydoz7QeZy1ZTiWeH1LSuyMxXezvu5mAQi53U)

For the convenience of our delegators we have made staking guides, explaining how to stake with Everstake.

How to delegate MINA using the Auro Wallet extension
How to Delegate MINA in a Mobile Wallet StakingPower
How to delegate MINA  via ~Clorio Wallet

Furthermore, we at Everstake strongly support decentralization thus we translate our articles to multiple languages, in order our delegators from various language communities have a chance to read the guides and articles

Как делегировать MINA в мобильном кошельке StakingPower
Cómo delegar MINA usando la extensión Auro Wallet
Auro Cüzdan uzantısını kullanarak MINA’ya nasıl yetki verilir?
Как делегировать MINA в расширении Auro Wallet
~ Clorio Cüzdan ile Nasıl $MINA Delegate Edilir?
Как делегировать $MINA (Mina Protocol) через кошелек ~Clorio

How often do you pay out rewards and can people know when to expect them? 

We pay out rewards once per epoch. As a rule we distribute rewards at the beginning of the epoch.

Which wallet do you recommend people use for MINA? 

Actually, it depends. If you like staking from your mobile then it’s Staking power, if your choice is desktop – ~Clorio and if you are accustomed to the browser extensions, you should have a look at the Auro wallet. All of them are quite a good choice, delegator personally has to choose what is more convenient for him.

Finally, what other projects do you think have big potential in the Blockchain space?

Elrond Network has massive potential. Elrond is a distributed transactional computation protocol that relies on a sharded state architecture and a secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. While most other blockchain networks require custom hardware and high energy consumption, Elrond runs on average computers. Elrond’s performance will scale up with the number of computers joining the network, reaching more than 100.000 transactions per second while growing increasingly decentralized.

Elrond has a great team behind the smart technology. Says a lot their Distributed Name Service used in their mobile wallet called Maiar. DNS allows associating complex pieces of information, such as a wallet address, to a human-readable name. EG, This means that instead of sending money to erd1hmlnypa0c9x7canxgdsue86ckla0zekv0258f2q40ady50v8yxc92y5k2y you can just send it to @AliceJohnson. And many, many other innovations and products.

The reality is that we are validating a huge number of blockchains that really have a great idea & technology behind and to describe all of the projects we need to make a separate huge article.

FOR MORE INFO VISIT https://everstake.one

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