Snapps are coming: 10 Snapps Use Cases on Mina Protocol

Updated 17th Sept 2021: If you wish to download these 10 Snapp Use Cases click the following links
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Mina Use Cases

Mina, as a general purpose protocol, is built to power and enable Snapps — SNARK-powered decentralized apps.

The announcement by the Mina Foundation & O(1) Labs today that Snapps are on the way for Mina Protcol represents a great leap forward in the life of the groundbreaking project. Christopher Pryor from O(1) Labs has written an article on Medium detailing their Snapps Ideation Workshop and the processes they used to brainstorm ideas from a select group of developers, engineers and creative community members in order to select a ‘Top 10 Use Cases’ list.

Are you ready for Snapps?

Including among the potential use cases were: Proof of Trade / Proof of Assets / Net Worth Private ID / Anonymous Single Sign-On & Digital Identity / Private DAO voting / Oracles on Mina and a Private Crypto DNS service. These were then narrowed down to a final two.

To find out more read the full article here on Medium >


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