Mina Blockchain Explorer from Staketab (NEW Release 4.0)

Staketab are currently one of the top staking providers on the Mina Protocol with over 7.5 million Mina coins currently staked through their service.

They also one of a number of teams to have a dedicated Mina Explorer available for users to access. This week they released a new version of their Mina Blockchain Explorer (4.0) and in it are a number of improvements.

Better Analytics
The analytics section now contains charts that can be viewed in high resolution. The charts will be updated in the future.

Timelocks of the Mina blockchain
Now you can see the total upcoming unlocks in the blockchain and the status of blocked coins in the context of accounts. The team have been working hard on this update and would value any feedback from end users.

To view their Mina Blockchain Explorer visit https://mina.staketab.com
To learn more about Staketab visit their website https://staketab.com/

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