Video: CSON[1] – Mina Foundation Presentations – Christine Yip on Building a Community & Kate Elbizri on Branding & Design

You may have already watched the ChainSafe Systems we posted last week featuring Evan Shapiro and his exciting plans for Snapps and eventual instant finality, we thought it would also be a great idea to publish the other two presentations made by Mina Foundation.

In the first video, Christine Yip talks about the importance of Community and how that in the Mina Community some individuals have evolved into Ambassadors for the project through their open willingness to aid and assist other members for the greater good of the project, which in turns inspires others to act in the same way.

Christine Yip – Mina Foundations

In the second video Kate Elbizri, lead designer at Mina Foundation talks about her work with MF and the importance of making a connection from computer code into design into building a personality of a brand .

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