TowerStake: Mina Delegator Dashboard Update V1.1

TowerStake are one of leading Staking providers for Mina Protocol, they also provide a range of tools for the Mina Ecosystem. One of these in the Mina Delegator dashboard, and a new version (1.1) has just been released. The awesome tool allows you to track your wallet, staking rewards plus you can also export your payouts to a CSV file and follow the performance of your validator.

Here is the changelog of version 1.1

– NEW: If you don’t stake with TowerStake, you can try the dashboard hitting “Try our delegator dashboard with a random delegator” on the login screen
– NEW: Wallet balance in MINA, USD, ETH and BTC
– NEW: Wallet history tracking with MINA and USD value over 1 year, 1 month or 1 week
– NEW: MINA price tracking with 24h evolution
– NEW: Upcoming rewards agenda with next 4 payout dates
– UPDATE: New layout for validator’s performance history table
– UPDATE: Fixed miscalculation of ROS in some edge cases

You can try it here >

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