Auro Wallet browser permissions -ready for Snapps

Several of the Mina Community noticed that in the last few days the Mina Browser Wallet Auro was suddenly asking for website access permissions. We contacted BitCat on Discord to get some clarification and you can see his direct quote below.

All extensions wallet necessary allow access all websites permission. Otherwise websites can’t call wallet extensions api. Before that, Auro wallet didn’t apply this permission because no dapp support . Permission apply only a tips. You can check all wallet extensions necessary need access websites permission in chrome setting page. It’s not Auro unique.

BitCat – Discord
Bit Cat - Auro wallet

Some exciting news is that Auro Wallet 2.0 will support Dapp(Snapps) in the future. You can also visit to test new features.

Additionally if you have a website and want to implement Auro Wallet in your website you can now use this document to make it possible:

The developers of Auro are very communicative and always welcome questions from community members, you can contact them via their website or on Discord: niuniu | Bit Cat#9001

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