Update from Evan Shapiro – 19th Jan 2022

Here is an update on Mina Protocol from Evan Shapiro. You can read the message directly on the Mina Protocol Discord Channel here. I am sure the Mina Community are 100% behind the fantastic team at Mina Foundation & O(1) Labs and understand the work they are undertaking is groundbreaking and difficult.

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Hi @everyone, I wanted to share some updates and thoughts about Mina’s progress and roadmap. Mina has made incredible progress over the last 10 months.

Since launching mainnet we have made continuous network improvements, optimized Mina’s SNARK, launched Snapps Docs and Bootcamp, and rallied productive community building and programming, among other things. Core protocol developers have been working tirelessly to meet the roadmap schedule, however, with Mina’s new cutting-edge technology, timelines are difficult to predict.

Since publishing the last product priorities update [https://bit.ly/2ZsZfb0], there have been competing priorities affecting the estimated completion dates. Some examples include maintaining the health of the existing mainnet network, improving node stability, addressing the impact of increased transaction size when easy snapps programmability is enabled, and implementing protocol upgrades to enable support for non-native tokens. When it comes to working in a space as new as zero-knowledge, unforeseen challenges often come up which affect the roadmap, despite our best intentions.

We are listening to your feedback, and realize that we should be sharing more of what is happening behind the scenes — challenges, progress, delays, all of it. We are working with ecosystem partners on updating the product priorities doc and timeline, which will be shared by January 28th. In a commitment to being more open and transparent, there are also plans to provide more frequent updates in the future — stay tuned.

Thank you for your continuous support, patience, and unity as we build Mina, together. We are excited to share what’s coming up and have your support in developing the leading ZK protocol.

Evan Shapiro – 19th Jan 2022
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