World Mina Day 2-2-22

22 Everywhere NFT’s for World Mina Day

To celebrate the first ever World Mina Day 2-2-22 we’ve created an exclusive set of mosaic NFT’s. Created from original images by Peggy Anke and ThisisEngineering & hundreds of images of the number ’22’ sent to us from the Mina Community from all over the world the strictly limited edition set of 22 NFT’s are certain to be a collectors item in the future. All proceeds from the sale of this NFT (and secondary sales during 2022) will go to Crypto Relief, a group delivering aid through the Covid crisis (

You can see the collection here, currently there are eight NFT’s available to buy at the low price of 0.05ETH.

World Mina Day Quizzes

How well do you know Mina Protocol? Starting at 6.30AM UTC (in Hindi) we will be hosting 6 International quizzes in 6 different languages across world Mina Day. We’ll be giving away some ace Mina Swag bags with socks, t-shirts and caps to a winner from each (see below).

Mina Swag Bag – T-shirt, Cap, Socks & Stickers

Each quiz will be hosted on and the winner will be the person who answers the most Mina Protocol related questions correctly in the fastest time. We will be sharing the links to the quiz the day before so make sure you are watching our twitter @minacryptocom and all the other twitter accounts for up to date information.

Here is the schedule all times in UTC

UTC 6:30 AM
Hosted by Jiten

UTC 10:00AM (Japan 19:00)
Hosting by HaruCoinlove
and ろろ TBC

UTC 12:00 afternoon (20:00 China)
WECHAT — hosted by Ryan minaclub22kb on WeChat

UTC 18:00
Hosted by Vladyslav

UTC 18:00 / Turkish time 21:00
Special Live Twitter Spaces event @minacryptocom
with Xenit & Emre Tekisalp from O(1) Labs
(in Turkish)

UTC 22:00
Hosted by Pete

There will also be a quiz hosted by Richie over on the Mina Telegram channel here (and there promises to be lots more activities to come in the coming days and weeks). Join the telegram here >

Food & Drink

What is a celebration without party food & drink? To celebrate World Mina Day we’ve rustled up some awesome Mina related food and drink recipes to get you into the mood. Coming soon (watch this space).

This is the first ever World Mina Day and in other circumstances it would have been amazing to organise some real world meet-ups and connect together with some of the awesome Mina Community. When things get back to some kind of normality in the world let’s see if we can grow World Mina Day into an annual event that gets bigger and bigger each year, after all without a community all there is, is just a lot of 0’s & 1’s. #poweredbyparticipants

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