Open: Q1 2022 Quarterly Grants Nominations

This year is going so fast, it seems like only days ago that the last Mina Community grant nominations were announced, but it’s that time again already, Q1-2022 Mina Community Grants are almost upon us.

Q1 2022 Quarterly Grants Nominations

Currently every 3 months the Mina Foundation asks for the Community to nominate individuals or organisations that they think deserve to recognised for their work with Mina Protocol. It can work done from any perspective, for creating a video (eg, How to set up a Mina Node), a piece of software (eg Minotaur – Mina Block Explorer) an event (eg, World Mina Day), a blog or website (eg, or for just helping and engaging newcomers to the project (eg, on social media, discord or telegram).

From someone who talks to the Mina Community everyday I know there are some many people both in front of, and behind the scenes driving the project in their own way and it is a great chance for them to get some recognition for their work. This website and the accompanying Mina projects have been lucky enough to be nominated previously and if you appreciate the hard work that goes into this website and all the other things we do feel free to nominate.

We are 100% behind the Mina project and will continue to grow as the project gets bigger (just watch this space). To nominate someone you feel deserving of a Mina Community Grant for Q1-2022 use the form here.

If you are thinking of nominating for our work, my discord username is flushthefashion#5369, feel free to reach out anytime if you need any assistance regarding any aspect of Mina Protocol. If I don’t know myself I will know someone who can help. Thanks again for your support!

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