Delegation Program Improvement Plan Updates

Making improvements to something is only really possible once you have firmly established what the issues are and the same can be said of Mina Protocol. Recently, a committee was created from prominent members of the Mina Community together with Brian McKenna, Evan Shapiro and Tess Rinearson in order to look at how the Mina Delegation program could be improved. Now the Mina Foundation has published the changes they plan to implement in the coming months. These will include…

•  A New Uptime Tracking System – to increase trust in the overall tracking and results of delegations.
•  Conduct AML/KYC on Applicants – T o stop bad actors using multiple identities to run nodes
• Create a Transparency Dashboard – The committee will create a dashboard in order to give a clear view of timelines, delegations, results and paybacks. 
• Increase Number of Delegation from 120 to 240 – increasing the number of delegators who can receive delegations from the Mina Foundation (or O(1) Labs) will allow more validators to benefit.
• Sync up ‘Selection Window’ with ‘Delegation Period’ – previously these were 60 days an 90 days respectively, in the future they will both run in sync.
• Reduce the Criteria for the Maximum Voting Power from 8% – This will reduce to 5% to increase decentralisation.

You can read about the plans in more detail on the official Mina Website

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