Article: What You Should Learn Before Building a zkApp by Mina Foundation

You may have seen our recent blog post about zkApp beta testers wanted and the Mina Foundation recently posted an article regarding some information on ‘What you should learn before building a zkApp‘ for anyone who may have made it on to the program or (like me) are on the waiting list for the next phase.

The article if full of useful information and gives some great advice for developers looking to build a zkApp, breaking things down into three fundamental things.

1. TypeScript Syntax
2. How zkApps Work
3. How Circuits and SnarkyJS Work

There is also some good information on ‘Next Steps’ such as how to…
Install the zkApp CLI here.
Learn to code an example zkApp using this tutorial.  
Build a zkApp with step-by-step challenges while earning points on a leaderboard 
Click here to read the article on the Mina Protocol Website >

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