SNARK Workers and the Snarketplace

Here is another great video from the Mina Foundation, this time Brandon Kase attempts to explain the role of SNARK workers and the Snarketplace in the MINA Ecosystem. If you would like to watch explainers more from the Foundation, these insightful videos can be found by clicking on the following link HERE.

Video Description
The Mina network will be inclusive to everyone from their ordinary device with the power of SNARK workers. Watch this video to find out how!

Prefer to read?
Check out the blog to learn about zk-SNARK proofs and the Snarketplace:…
Technical Docs:

Do you see how Mina’s revolutionary Snarketplace keeps the network moving forward by incentivising SNARK workers to process transactions? Click here to leave a comment on the video >

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