Some thoughts on Mina Protocol – Sept 9th 2021

Ok, so as time goes by we hope to get a chance to write down a few feelings about where the MINA project is at particular points. In the future it will be great to look back at these pages as historical evidence of the journey. Currently there is so much news coming out every day about MINA and its ecosystem that I think it is a great idea to take stock of the recent progress.

The Price

Ok, so we all know what a wild ride the world of crypto can be and just in the last 48hours the price of MINA has gone from a low of $2.90 and is currently trading just around the $4.80 mark. Interestingly this also pushed MINA into the top 100 for any significant timeframe since it’s initial launch and subsequent settling. Currently MINA is ranked 93 with a market cap of just over $1Billion. With many commentators looking at the recent success of Solana (both coins had an initial ICO on coin list (Solana was in March 2020)) there is definitely a mood from some people that MINA has the potential to follow in its success and its likely the price action is being reflected by this decision.

Additionally Mina Foundation CEO, Evan Shapiro has been busy recently and his appearance at a Chinese AMA on telegram last night (wed 8th Sept) may have certainly raised further awareness to the potential capabilities of Mina Protocol. He is also scheduled to appear at MAINNET in New York and at TOKEN2049 in London in early October.

The Community

We all know the importance of a community when it comes to the success of a cryptocurrency. If no one buys it the price goes down and the project loses momentum, simple as that. The Mina Community is growing fast – the official twitter account now has over just under 125 thousand followers on Twitter @minaprotocol. You can also follow this website on Twitter @minacryptocom.

The Tech

Big news has been announced this week on the tech side too. A brilliant medium article by Christopher Prior went into some detail regarding the process taken to select ten potential real world uses for MINA and then narrowing them down to two actual SNAPPS that will be developed when the MINA Protocol is ready to build on. The team hopes to coincide this with Hackathons scheduled for November. This week we also had a new application designed for the easy maintain of a Mina Node, called Mina Monitor.

Read here as to why Mina Monitor was created by Serhii, a developer from Kiev and his desire to sit on the sofa and drink beer >

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