Mina Wallet: Clorio Wallet 0.1.5 update

In this version Carbonara have added some new features and bug fixes, such as:
– Implemented scam-address blacklist warnings
-Store of the mnemonics/private key in the session (on user’s wish)
– USDT ticker
– Implemented Epoch info in the Staking Hub
– Implemented filtering of certain domains in the tx memos to help preventing scams … and some other minor things.
If you are using Clorio Wallet desktop, you should receive the update automatically.
What’s next?
Carbonara has said that they are currently building an ‘interesting update’ for Clorio that will be available soon. Watch this space!
Download now: https://clor.io/download
Support on Discord: https://clor.io/discord

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There are currently three main Mina wallets Clorio, Auro & Staking Power all of which have been developed by the Mina community. There are currently no plans by the Mona Foundation to develop an official wallet, however all three wallets have now been successfully audited at the foundations request. More info here > 

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Clorio wallet is currently the most popular Mina wallet. Audited and compatible with Ledger it is capable of running in your Windows, Apple or Linux system browser.

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Link to Audit info > 

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Auro is available as a browser extension and as a mobile App, Auro Wallet perfectly supports Mina Protocol and is completely open-source.

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Link to Audit info >

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Staking Power

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Staking Power is a Mina mobile wallet developed by flutter, support for both android and ios, it is currently available to download through the github website.

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Link to Audit Info >

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