Events: Future of ZK Proving Systems @Devcon with Brandon Case – Thu Oct 13th, 2022

The place to be for all web3 developers and blockchain programmers right now is Devcon in Bogotá, Columbia. Hot on the heels of EthBogatá, Devcon is overflowing with fantastic events and one in particular coming up tomorrow (Thu Oct 13, 10:00 – 12:55 local time – 5 hours behind (UTC)) is especially interesting to the Mina Protocol tech Community. Brandon Kase, Architect engineer at O1(Labs) the main ecosystem partners (and incubators) of Mina Protocol is one of the guests/speakers at ‘Future of ZK Proving Systems’, a self led session hosted by 0xPARC and Privacy and Scaling Explorations that explores the techniques, tools, and applications enabling the interoperable and efficient proof systems of the future. Brandon is a leading expert in this field, so it will be a must watch for all zk-enthusiasts.

If you are in town, click for all the full details, you can also watch the live stream HERE.

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