#World Mina Day – 22(kb) Everywhere

Christmas is coming and then before you know it, the first ever #WorldMinaDay (02-02-22) will upon us. We’re already making lots of plans and we’re also collecting ideas if you have something fantastic let us know in the form below….

World Mina Day

I was thinking about Mina Protocol’s unique qualities and how one of the Foundation’s goals in the future was to enable anybody to run a Mina Node on a device such as a mobile phone or their home computer. This would make the Mina Protocol extremely decentralised and open up a world of opportunities for using Mina with Web3 applications on the internet.

22kb Everywhere

I was also thinking it would be awesome for the global Mina Community to collaborate together on a piece of art that symbolised the potential everyday use cases of Mina Protocol in the real world. So what better way to collaborate than to take ask our Mina Community to take a photo of something that is all around us and is synonymous with Mina Protocol, the number 22? We hope to something cool with all the photos and display them on World Mina Day.

Once you start to look around at your environment you will see it everywhere on buses, on football shirts, menus, clocks, licence plates, cinema tickets, til receipts etc, etc. The more photos we get the better and we can’t wait to get to work!!

Here’s a few idea to inspire you, don’t worry if you’re not the best photographer in the world, just take a photo and send it over. We’ve set up an online folder here https://bit.ly/worldminadaypic you can also email your pics to [email protected] or DM them to us on Twitter @minacryptocom.

Do you have an idea for #WorldMina Day? Let us know below….

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